Thursday, 10 November 2016

NanoTherm Therapy - MagForce - hyperthermia

Hello all,

Has anyone heard about the NanoTherm Therapy in Germany (but also other countries)? The idea behind it is to inject magnetic fluid into the tumor, the fluid then is heated through a fast alternating magnetic field and the temperature fights the cancer cells. I haven't found any other research about it, only their own. Also they run a trial since 2014.

I wonder what your opinions are on this? Can it do any harm?

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  1. Hello Anna,

    Thank you for posting this. Here is another nano particle treatment that looks incredibly promising:

    There are currently no clinical trials at this stage, but I read somewhere that this may take place within the next year.

    The beauty about this, is that these particles do not need to be injected directly into the tumor... they are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and then, due to the "leaky" nature of blood vessels in tumors, accumulate in them in a much higher concentration than surrounding healthy tissue - so they can simply be injected into the bloodstream.

    1. Also, you can actually purchase the nanoparticles now..