Tuesday, 1 September 2015



Regarding setraline, do we have any data to go on suggesting a reasonable dose.  CUSP9* is using a high dose, on your site Astrocytomaoptions you mention setting up trials using low dose, which must be based on some data.  Any thoughts on this?  Jeremy is on 50 mg daily.

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  1. Mike,
    We have little clinical data to suggest an optimal dose of sertraline for use in cancer. Standard dosing for its indicated uses is 50 mg once daily with a meal. Doses can be increased incrementally at weekly intervals. Max suggested dose is 200 mg per day (which is similar to the CUSP9* dosing of 100 mg bid).

    My comment about the "low dose" sertraline was based on an animal study where the mice were treated with 2 mg/kg. The human equivalent dose by allometric scaling would be about 10 mg for an average sized adult human, but I don't necessarily trust allometric scaling, as it only provides a very rough ballpark estimate.

    50 mg daily sounds reasonable to me.