Thursday, 8 December 2016

Best company for insurance coverage for GBM?


With 'ObamaCare' potentially under threat in the new administration we are considering changing insurance companies.  We think that the opportunity to get the best insurance for GBM coverage while the pre-existing condition coverage is intact may be smart.

We have private insurance so any company is on the table.

What are peoples experiences with this.  Is there an insurance company know to be the best for coverage?

Thanks as always



  1. Picking the right insurance is a very important, but very complex task. Unfortunately, the best pick for a person in one geographic area is different in other areas.

    The single most important thing is probably to make sure the insurance you pick is one that the institutions and doctors you want to see participate with. If you want the option to get care in another state, that massively complicates the decision-making.

    For a lot of people in a lot of regions, optimum coverage and flexibility is with your local BlueCross/BlueShield insurer. It's often more expensive, but often has the widest array of participating providers, plus giving access over the country. But this isn't the best choice everywhere. I'm not terribly familiar with the specifics in NYC, I'm afraid.

  2. We've been with Blue Shield California, but sadly University of California is changing to Anthem Blue Cross. I hope they will be as easy to work with as Blue Shield.