Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dear all,
my 17-year old son will finish RT and temodar on December 28th and we are planning to go to Van Gool's clinic in mid January for the dendric vaccine. In the meantime, I would appreciate advice on supplements for him to take in the meantime. Currently the only one he can tolerate is melatonin, but my hope is that he can do much more once he is off temodar and radiation.  If you could include the dosage that would be great! He is about 140 lb. ( 63 kg.)


  1. You might review the page at astrocytomaoption on "re-educating the immune system":

    I suspect cimetidine and probiotics would be the most easily tolerated of the agents listed. I'd certainly discuss matters with the clinic before using aspirin or prescrition agents, but these, too, may be worthwhile.