Monday, 12 December 2016

What are your thoughts on immunotherapy to prevent GBM recurrence?

If the IDH1 tumor my girlfriend has is currently in complete remission, would it be fruitless to discuss with oncologist to enter a trial to take checkpoint inhibitors (like Yervoy and Opdivo) to prevent recurrence or to kill remaining cells that may not be seen via MRI?


  1. That's our plan. We are doing TOCA5 and DCVAC. It really depends on what your oncologist has to offer. They only recommend what's in stock. We had to move to a another hospital I order to do this.

    1. That's great to hear. So you are experiencing complete remission and using the immunotherapy to kill anything left? Also, would you be comfortable disclosing the hospital?

  2. I agree with mr Guy. One should stimulate the immune system first, and then one can modulate the existing antitumoral immune response by the checkpoint blockers (this will give effect if the tumor cells defend against an immune attack through the PDL1-PD1 interaction by which immune cells are killed by the tumor cells instead of the opposite). Checkpoint blocker without existing antitumoral immune response has no sence because one cannot modulate what does not exist.