Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Grade 2 oligodendroglioma: Cocktail suggestions while on PCV?

Dear all,

I'm looking for some suggestions on ingredients to add to my wife's cocktail while on PCV chemo for a grade 2+ oligodendroglioma (large and inoperable). The treatment might be followed by proton radiation if deemed necessary.

Currently she is taking the following daily:

Keppra 1500mg
Curcumin Longvida 1600mg
Ashwagandha 1000mg
Boswellia 1000mg
Pterostilbene 100mg
Vitamin D 5000 IU

Planning to add:


She also plans to do water fasting for the first five days of each cycle while taking the Lomustine.

We would of course like to make this treatment as effective as possible so if someone has some recommendations I would much appreciate it.

Many thanks


  1. Hello Peter,

    Maybe check in brain tumor library on google drive. Stephen made a list of supplements and medicines - he also marked which go with chemo.

    I didnt have chemo, but from the top of my head I would maybe add zinc, metformin and PSK. And I think "optimal" dose of curcumin was 2g.
    There are also some studies with good results on taking cannabis oil while receiving radiation.

    A few other questions on this topic:
    -Stephen, do you think CUSP is also a viable approach to oligodendroglioma (since it is made for gbm)?
    -as written before, tmz can cause hypermutation and faster progression of low grade gliomas to higher grades. This isn't the case with pcv?

    Good luck to your wife!

    1. Thanks a lot for the response! Will check out the library.

      Decided to add PSP (my understanding is that it's basically the same as PSK) and Berberine.

      She does have easy access to Metformin, so it could be an option, but I'm unsure if that works well with Berberine which I suppose is doing pretty much the same thing? Maybe taking both would drop her blood sugar too low?

  2. I didn't do research comparing berberine and metformin, but I think I would choose metformin over berberine - mainly because there are more studies with metformin on glioma and other types of cancer and I guess it should also be more potent.

    I wrote about sourcing PSP in another thread ("sourcing psk") few days ago, since good quality PSP is relatively expensive.

    1. Thanks, I actually ended up buying from the source you recommended as we live in Europe. Good to know that they offer bulk options!