Thursday, 29 December 2016

Cannabis oil

Has anyone purchased cannabis oil in the US? I looked up the shop in CA ( from the link provided here) but was a bit confused as to which kind to buy and the logistics of it. Would it even be possible to order and have it sent to us? We live in New Jersey, so I wonder if anyone had any luck buying it on the East Coast? Thanks!


  1. We have bought cannabis oil in NY and a friend in CA bought it for us out there. In both states, as in NJ, you must be licensed. Here is the necessary info for your state:

  2. It's different but we bought our cbd from Constance Finley in San Francisco

  3. I don't know how you would get RSO to New Jersey but in terms of the kind to use, we use Care by Design, 1-1 ratio of CBD and THC. Dosage is all over the map, many places recommend 1 gram per day, but that seems so much. We use a doctor in Santa Monica to discuss kind and dosage. His name is Dr. Allan Frankle and was recommended to us by my husband's neuro-onc. I believe he does consult by phone/skype.

    1. Thanks, I will look him up then!

  4. We consulted Dr. Frankel via Skype and he was enormously helpful. He can be reached through Greenbridge Medical. Very sensible, down-to-earth guy who stays abreast of research.