Monday, 5 December 2016

Triple combination of dual checkpoint blockade + radiosurgery -> 100% mouse survival

I don't recall seeing a mouse study this successful before.  This study utilized the orthotopic, syngeneic GL-261 mouse glioma model.  Triple combination of PD-1 antibody, TIM-3 antibody, and stereotactic radiosurgery led to 100% mouse survival at day 100, while all untreated control mice were dead by day 30.  Furthermore, the "cured" mice were completely resistant to new tumor formation when re-challenged with glioma cells.  I'll upload this study to the Library, in the Immunology and Immunotherapy folder, Checkpoint inhibitor subfolder.


  1. The results sound inspiring! Looking forward to see similar studies not only on mices.

  2. Interesting! It is the first time I'm hearing about TIM-3, but quick google search gives few interesting and inspiring journals from past few years. Maybe it will be a next big thing in immunotherapy research.

    Adaptive resistance to therapeutic PD-1 blockade is associated with upregulation of alternative immune checkpoints: