Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pharma and non-pharma list

For those of you with access to the Brain Tumor Library on my Google Drive account (contact me for access), I've replaced the pharma and non-pharma top 10 lists with a new spreadsheet called "Pharma and non-pharma list, info and ranking".  This is a more complete listing, and is very much a work still in progress.  This is found in folder 0 of the library (Reference folder).


  1. That's super useful, thank you Stephen

  2. Hi, Stephen!

    I'm new in this group. May I get the access to your library? Thanks!

    1. I need your email address to give you access to the library. My email address is found on the User Information page (see pages underneath the blog title).

  3. Hello! Stephen, thank you very much for this document, it is really usefull!May I ask about the possibility of using drugs with Avastin? If I do not see the word yes in the appropriate column - this means that a shortage of data that confirm that the substance can not be used with Avastin? or it means that there are data that suggest that this drug should not be used with Avastin? we have avastin and boswellia and cereblex.

  4. Hi Tatiana, if the cell is left blank it means there is no evidence one way or the other. It certainly doesn't mean you can't use that drug with Avastin. "yes" or "no" means there is evidence pro or con, or if there is compelling theoretical rationale in favor or against such a combination.