Tuesday, 23 August 2016

More progressive NO in Los Angeles

All -

I was just cleaning out my pile of notes from the UCLA Brain Tumor Conference last March.  I spoke with Dr. Albert Lai albertlai@mednet.ucla.edu;  310-825-5321 after his lecture and he said that he generally will prescribe something for GBM if the patient asks about it.  I know some of you ran into hurdles getting a NO who would give you some of the cocktail meds.  I believe Dr. Lai is open minded.  Also I had asked about seeing my Dad via Skype as we are in Seattle.  He said that he had never done that before but it may be an option.

Just wanted to share that with you as I know some folks have had trouble with their Oncologists.



  1. We like Dr. Lai and recommend him.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! And for confirming, Michael. I appreciate both of you. Always good to know of an open-minded doctor, that's willing to help.

  3. We also like Leia Nghiemphu, M.D. also part of the Tim Cloughesy at UCLA. We've gotten almost all of the off-label meds we've asked for, sometimes, not often, I just needed to provide some back-up data.