Thursday, 18 August 2016

When do you take your Temodar?

My wife is about to start the 2nd round of the 5/23 6-month regimen and as you know the dosage is doubled so the potential increased side effects concern me. I'm curious as to at what time of the day you are choosing to take the pill and if you make a point to eat prior or after etc. Have you switched it up and found another time works better? Thanks!


  1. My husband took Temodal in the evening, before going to bed (or I wake him). After dinner, in one and half hours- Zofran, and after Zofran in 30 minutes- Temodal.

  2. When my husband did take Temodal, it was one hour after zofran right before he went to bed.

  3. Same for me based on my NO's recommendation. Zofran then 1 hour later tmz followed by bed. Also all bed time pills with the zofran. My NO wanted nothing taken, pills or food after the zofran


  4. During radiation, one tries to get maximum blood levels at the time of irradiation. Thus, usually TMZ is taken one hour prior, on an empty stomach.
    The PDR information indicates food slows absorption, though fairly complete absorption is ultimately attained.
    After radiation Tx is concluded, it's probably prudent to continue with taking it on an empty stomach, but avoiding food is probably less critical if radiation is not being administered.
    I haven't seen any information that time of day is important (absent rad tx), but lots of people are more susceptible to nausea in the morning than later in the day.
    Note, both TMZ and ondansetron/Zofran are constipating, this was terribly troublesome for my wife. Others might not have this problem, of course.

  5. We were advised to fast for 2 hours before an 1 hour afterwards. My husband was concerned about nausea when he was sleeping (he was on a 400mg dose, more than double the chemoradiation level) so after some trial and error we landed on ondansetron around 5pm, TMZ at 6pm and then a light supper around 7.30pm. He tolerated this quite well, but on days 5 - 9 of the cycle he would be extremely tired and have stomach cramps. Best wishes for your wife as she goes through this next phase.