Sunday, 10 January 2016

Chloroquine phosphate source

Submitted by Joan:

The chlorquine phosphate from Northwest Pharmacy and manufactured in India is a foreign subsidiary of Abbott labs so I have more confidence in this product.  But it is the generic.  We just found out that Northwest Pharmacy can send the brand name, Avloclor by Alliance, is manufactured in the United Kingdom and ships from Cederwood Pharmacy in Peterwood Park Croydon UK.  It costs quite a bit more than the generic but you can get it faster.  Northwest Pharmacy failed to tell us we could get the brand name while they were telling it they couldn't get the generic for a couple of months -- so we went without.  When the last time I fussed at them they admitted we could get the brand name because it is available.  


  1. Hi I have just ordered some from last night did you try them ?

    1. My understanding was that Dr. Fox did not ship outside the EU.

  2. I am based in England the uk hopefully it should be here by the end of the week

  3. Mine arrived today very impressed with the service