Sunday, 24 January 2016

What do you think of the scorpion venom.Cuba is open now.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. While back I watched some presentation of the people who work on scorpion venom as a dye for the surgery. So the person was asked why not to use the venom internally to cure the cancer. His response was that it does destroy the tumor but it also destroys the liver or pancreas (something like that). Now I think of it. Well how about putting it in the mouth and not swallowing. Wouldn't that skip the liver since it would go straight to the blood stream ? What is your take on it?


  1. I believe the clinical trials are using a synthetic version of the chlorotoxin. They've been manufacturing it out of Alabama, I believe. As far as I know, the Cuban venom does not damage any healthy cells. I took the protocol for two years, and with regular blood tests, I've never had any problems with my liver, pancreas, or other organ. And I've done off-labels, and tons of supplements. Hope that helps.

  2. i used Scorpio venom from "lifeescozul" Cuba see what they wrote to me: El medicamento ESCOZUL no es más que la solución acuosa de la toxina del escorpión azul Rhopalurus junceus, endémico de Cuba. Se ha comprobado, a través de pruebas realizadas en laboratorio y de la experiencia acumulada durante más de 30 años de aplicación del medicamento en pacientes humanos, que el ESCOZUL es inocuo para el consumo oral humano y que presenta propiedades analgésicas, antiinflamatorias y antiproliferativas en líneas celulares tumorales. Al final de este documento usted encontrará los tiempos de acción del medicamento y lo que se espera en el paciente de acuerdo a las propiedades del Escozul.
    Esta recomendación de dosis está basada en el análisis de los documentos médicos enviados.Recomendación de dosis y concentración de ESCOZUL
    200 ml de Escozul diarios divididos en 4 tomas diarias
    Concentración del medicamento para consumir: 0.270mg/ml
    Observaciones: La dosis podrá aumentar según los resultados que se obtengan en el paciente, hasta alcanzar la dosis más efectiva.
    Toxicidad y efectos secundarios
    En estudios preclínicos con dosis repetidas y concentradas por 28 y 90 días de ESCOZUL por vía oral no se observaron signos tóxicos ni mortalidad provocadas por la administración del medicamento, ni alteraciones en los parámetros hematológicos y bioquímicos.
    El ESCOZUL al ser administrado por vía oral no es citotóxico ni genotóxico. Tiene una citotoxicidad significativa y diferencial hacia las células tumorales. Se considera oncoespecífico pues solo actúa sobre las células cancerígenas.
    Bajo porcentaje de pacientes reportan mareo o somnolencia durante los primeros 2 o 3 días de tratamiento, que desaparece manteniendo una alimentación adecuada.i will put the doc in the Drive to anyone of you can see,... after this treatment my hubby had the 3-th reccurence. so I am no longer trust this medicine.

    1. Hi Melinda, Thank you for posting! Where in Cuba were you receiving the ESCOZUL? Was it Monzon's clinic?

    2. you have a mail there in Brain tumor library i don't know the clinic name, i get the venom from a relative of a brain tumor patient , who is dead now. so I am telling you to not buy this venom you can not trust the source any source from Cuba.

    3. So the relative of the brain tumor patient is dead now? Or the brain tumor patient is dead now? There are several different versions of the Escozul, some are only homeopathic (diluted) and the original clinic actually harvests their own, and it is the only legitimate source. Was your venom preserved in alcohol?

    4. The brain tumor patient is dead, and the venom is frozed

    5. I'm so sorry that the patient passed, and that your husband had his third recurrence while on this treatment. I did not have the same experience as you, and the people at the clinic (Monzon's) were so gracious and kind. I used the Escozul as part of a cocktail approach so we will never know which parts helped and which did nothing at all (or maybe they were all synergistic). As I'm sure you know, some treatments work for some people, and other treatments don't. No two tumors are the same. Regardless, I am really sorry about your husband, I hope you find the right combination soon!

    6. Melinda, I looked at the document on the google drive (in the Brain tumor library). LifEscozul is not the same as the Escozul coming from Monzon's clinic. There are many shady distributors. We went to the actual clinic where they milk the scorpions. I still believe this treatment helped me greatly. These imposters (like LifEscozul) are criminals and are disgusting! If you can get the legitimate chlorotoxin, it definitely has a beneficial effect, I know from experience. The first nasal dose, I accidentally over did it and my right arm which had been numb from surgery felt normal again. I was able to use it as if I had never been brain damaged from the brain surgeries. The effects only lasted a few moments, but after several months of dosing, it was clear that there was a positive effect. I share this information because I believe that if you get the real treatment, it is worth your time and energy. (Maybe you're already done with the whole Cuban thing as far as treatment goes, but I wanted to post this for anyone else who may consider it.) Best of luck Melinda, and again, I'm sorry about your brain tumor friend, and your husband.

  3. I posted the doc in the Brain tumor library.