Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Drug sensitivity testing?

I am wondering if doing tumor sensitivity testing would be beneficial for glioblastoma. I am wondering if anybody on the blog has done any drug sensitivity testing of the tumor tissue . What things to test for and if test at all. Does the test include vit d response testing or testing for estrogen receptors to check if tamoxifen would work. etc. There reason I am asking is since there is a BBB would it make sense to test since some of the drugs would not cross the bbb anyway.


  1. Was the tumor frozen? If so, it probably can't be used for chemosensitivity testing (but still can be used for genetic testing and making a vaccine).

  2. The tumor was preserved alive despite the fact that arrived after 5 days. They said that yes we can still do chemo-sensitivity test on it. So the question now is does it make sense to do that chemo sensitivity testing does it add much value? Should we order something like vit d test, or estrogen receptor testing to check if tamoxifen would work? Any other suggestions?

  3. I believe there is some sort of startup called Notablelabs that had the idea of testing drugs on tumor samples. I may be wrong and Stephen W would know more, if there is anything to it.

    1. This is true. If anyone would like more info on Notable, please email me.

  4. There is also a trial at Swedish in Seattle, testing a similar process.

  5. Not worth testing since the drugs can't cross the BBB.