Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Interesting Speech and Presentation

Dr. Linda Liau - Immunotherapy of Glioblastoma.  Very interesting and worthwhile for GBM patients to view in my opinion.



  1. Thanks for posting this.Interesting.

  2. Thank you for posting this - looks promising! Have to investigate more.

  3. Great video Dan!

    I know that it's still on phase II/III, but checking the press releases from the NW Bio company saw something that called my attention: About Northwest Biotherapeutics section

    "In Germany, the Company recently received approval of a 5-year Hospital Exemption for treatment of glioma (brain cancer) patients outside the clinical trial."

    Sending an email asking about it, will keep you posted.

  4. Hello Francisco,

    I wrote about it in one of the topics...I contacted them in the end of September 2015 and got this asnwer:


    Information provided at the clinicaltrials.gov website may prove helpful with regard to the entry protocols for the clinical trial. The DCVax –L Phase III clinical trial that we are currently conducting is for newly diagnosed adult patients between 18 – 70 years old who have GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). These patients must have surgery at one of the participating trial sites and must meet a number of other specific criteria to be accepted into the trial. Unfortunately, because you do not have GBM, you will not be eligible for entry into the DCVax-L clinical trial.

    The only other access to DCVax-L outside of the clinical trial is through the Specials Program in the UK, more specifically in London. The Early Access Hospital Exemption Program in Germany is not enrolling new patients at this time."

    Maybe try contacting them if something changed in these few months

    1. Ouh...well I sent an email yesterday anyway, will see what they response.

      From their reply to you, I'd change something "Unfortunately"-->"Fortunately".


    2. Hospital exemption is also REALLY expensive.

      Also a bit off-topic: in that video dr. Liau was talking that they were searching for money/partner to fund all the research for a few years if I remember correctly. President Obama had a speech a day or two ago and he "declared war" on cancer again after president Nixon did it in 70s. Anyway, what matters is that the researchers got one of the biggest money grants for research in the last decade. So I hope that will speed things up :)