Saturday, 23 January 2016

Other device instead of TTF

I got this in the email from the yahoo brain tumor mailing list
What do you people think about it. Since ttf is to expensive in europe maybe this can do?

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  1. I'm not the best at deciphering all the printed material. But there seems to be some discrepancies with whether or not it actually suited for GBMs. They very clearly state that it doesn't work on "hard" tumors. But when it does work, they purport that it works so well that you need to be careful about generating too much necrotic tissue.

    The TTF technology utilizes electromagnetic waves to propagate the alternating fields into the tumor. The ECCT alternates the charge on two opposing plates to generate a very similar oscillating energy dynamic. If you watch the youtube link, they compare the two technologies. I can't say that I got anything solid to say from the video because I'm not good with the heavy accent. My impression is that ECCT doesn't penetrate nearly as deep as the TTF. Did anyone else make sense out of it?