Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New symptom: positional vertigo

Dear all, Ahmad began to experience dizziness as if there is an earthquake in his head..it comes with nausea..
The Dr. Said positional vertigo and there is no need to worry..
But still I am so worried..has anyone experienced this before?
 He just increased his keppra dose from 2500 to 3000 to better control his seizures..And he'be been on keppra for long time with no side effects..could it be this keppra increase??

I am worried that the tumor may have spread to another location causingbthese symptoms..but our last scan was only 20 days ago..can change happen that quick ??



  1. Dear Sarah, My husband has been a bit wobbly on his feet and sometimes nausea too. His neuro-onc nurse said it might be because his sodium levels are low, which they are. So we're trying to increase his sodium through diet and salt pills when needed. I hope this helps.

  2. Interesting AGM..Will definitely check it out .. thank you

  3. Dear Sarah, I just received another reply from my husband's neuro-onc and she recommended that he take all of his Dexamethasone (steroid 2mg) at one time instead of pacing it throughout the day with the thought of increasing it to 4mg if that doesn't seem enough. She also suggest increasing his provigil from 250mg to 300mg. We pace that throughout the day. She also wanted another blood test to rule out that nothing else is happening.

  4. Thank you AGM..we still don't know exactly what Ahmad has..tests showed borderline sodium..not sure if it is a low sodium case..and the Neuro already asked him to take off the decade gradually..
    I dnt know what is the provigil..