Sunday, 10 January 2016

Please help

Hi all
Firstly I'd like to say thank you to Stephen for accepting me on this page I think it truly amazing all the help and effort this gentlemen is going to too try and help others.
Recently my farther was diagonisted with grade 4 gbm. They have given him 14months.
He has had surgery and they said that his Tumor was the size of a large plum and they managed to remove 80%.
He is in his 3rd week of treatment radio combined with temodar.
I have read much about the cocktail approach an I had him on a supplyments and vitamin cocktail from the work go. However recently I've been reading the importance of off label drugs. So I have started to add drugs that I am able to get my hands on(here in Oxfordshire England ) it is very difficult to get hold of drugs).
So at the moment this is his cocktail :

Vitamin c
Folic acid
Green tea extract
Cannabis oil 1gram a day
Super gla
Milk thistle
Broccoli sprouts
Maitake shiitake reshi
Pomegranate juice
Aloe Vera
Cod liver oil
Barley + wheat grass powder
Garlic oil

I have managed to order Chloroquine from dr fox hoping this arrives soon as I no it is a known radio sensitiser.
And this is the question that I would like to ask the blog.
As my farther is half through his radio I realise the importance of using as many radio sensitives as possible what I worry about that I am not doing enough so if any1 could please reccomend something  that they feel is a must then please let me know.
I had a consultation at an hydro bartic oxygen therapy place (ms therapy) bit they needed an consent form signed our oncologist refused this so now despite to try and buy an oxygen tank and get dad to breathe that in, also printed out some evidence to show that Celebrex and   Disulfiram can help my farther but they to also got dis regarded by our ON.
Why do these people make it so difficult to try and same a loved ones live?
Look forward to all your replys, sorry for the long message.
Many thanks


  1. If the NO isn't willing to listen to you, I would recommend getting a second and even a third opinion, specifically at a Brain Tumor Center. You don't have to stay with the doctor you started with...I learned that with my daughter.

  2. Iron supplementation to mice improved the efficacy of radiation. But iron should not be taken at other times, as it is a tumor promoter.

  3. Stephen -

    Just realized that my father's multi vitamin contains 1.8mg iron (10% dv) and his musclemilk, etc drinks that he takes now instead of food all contain 20%, 25%, dv of iron. I'm sure I can find a multi-vitamin without it, the nutrition drinks will be tougher as they all appear to have some and we are pretty dependent on them now. Should we be concerned with Dad getting this much iron? He drinks 3 a day if we're lucky, so roughly 75% DV of iron.


  4. If he's not getting much iron in his diet then this is probably okay. The goal should be just enough iron to maintain health, but no more. Daily values of nutrients incorporate a margin of error, and many people would probably be okay getting less than the dv of iron, but its hard to predict as each individual is different.