Sunday, 10 January 2016


Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone experienced low platelets after the 6 weeks of temodar/RT that led to delayed treatment of the adjuvant cycles of TMZ. My mom's platelets aren't coming back up. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!



  1. Vitamin k vitamin e and the vitamin b's also I'm sure I read some where that folic acid is good

  2. Just found this

  3. Chlorella is a supplyment that can help and breast milk but I think breast milk can produce inflammation

  4. Thanks Dayle. We are trying to increase her fat soluble vitamins (ADEK), but we're not seeing much change in platelets weeks to week. :(
    We've added kiwi, papaya, papaya leaves, wheat grass, beets and high protein foods so far
    Her NO says she just needs time but I find it hard to believe eating the right foods won't help!

  5. Yes I agree chorella is a good supplyments for helping

  6. Hi Mark,
    If you are adding vitamin k use caution as it can be procagulant and having cancer puts you more at risk for blood clots. My husband had trouble with low platelets and every time I added Celebrex 200mg his count would drop further. I started adding shark liver oil, 4 capsules x3 times daily and have been for over 12 months. He is now able to take 2 celebrex tablets daily and still remain in the normal platlett range. I found for us that the Shark Liver Oil wasn't an instant fix in fact it may have been a month or so to see results. Good Luck