Monday, 11 January 2016

Update on Dad - 63 y/o male, DX Aug 25th 2015

Hi -

I wanted to provide an update and ask a question.  Overall Dad has been doing much better since starting Avastin in November.  Within weeks he regained strength in his right side (tumor is left) and after a month or so was able to transfer himself in/out of his bed and wheelchair.  This was huge.  His right hand went from not working at all to being able to clench into a fist at I would say 90% of his previous strength.  So overall, very happy with our progress on the cocktail.

Now for my question.  This week Dad seems to be a little worse for wear.  More aphasia than before and needing help getting into/out of bed and his chair.  He's very constipated - I think it's been 5 or maybe 6 days.  We give him milk of magnesia, stool softener, miralax and enemas daily.  Just not kicking in I guess.  Could the constipation be the source of his mini-decline?  Should we reintroduce dexamethasone?  We had tapered off completely around Christmas.  Was on 16mg per day, tapering 2mg per week for several weeks.  Any other considerations?



  1. Annie,
    Are the enemas productive? I know it's only been 6 days but if the constipation becomes chronic you dad maybe more at risk for a bowel perforation. One of the nasty side effects of Avastin is also bowel perforation. Best wishes

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