Monday, 18 January 2016

Hello all
My dad is into his 4th week of radio plus chemo he has up until this stage handled it very well.
We have him on a cocktail approach and he's had little side effects. Tuesday we ran our of cannabis oil (it's illegal where we are in the uk) and couldn't get any more until Saturday.
Since Tuesday he has been getting worse everyday Friday he got sent back into hospital and is quite bad, he has a real issue with sickness I have recently added chloroquine phosphate a couple of weeks ago to his cocktail. Initially didn't have any side effects until now.
Has any1 else had issue with sickness and if so is there any advice you would give ?
I just worry that it could be the cocktail making him sick
Many thanks


  1. Hi Dayle,
    The radiation can be pretty intense and with the chemo on top. Some people have a harder time than others but hang in there. Do you have the Coriolus mushroom supplements in his cocktail and Melatonin?
    I am not sure what side effects Chloroquine has as my Mum has yet to try it but I know it is potentially a good one to add during radiation.
    Can your dad do a little bit of exercise each day, even just a short walk?
    What other things is he taking at the moment on top of chemo etc?
    My mum is also being treated in the UK at Oxford, feel free to PM me at
    All the best,

  2. Oh my god that where we are , we are at the Churchill hospital and had surgery done at the john Radcliffe are you on Facebook would love to talk to you more