Monday, 15 February 2016

disulfiram side effects ?

Hi everyone my dad finished his 6weeks of radio plus chemo on the 2nd of feb and a gave him a break from the whole cocktail approach. I've added a few more things to the cocktail aswell and I am starting him on one drug and introducing another 4-5 days after. He started chloroquine phosphate 5 days ago and I added Disulfiram yesterday. Everything seemed good no side effects but today dad's been sick and light headed I know that there is a lot of alcohol in most house hold products but how sensitive is it to alcohol ?

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  1. I heard when using disulfiram to avoid even trace amounts of alcohol. I switched Dad to alcohol free mouthwash and make sure there is absolutely none in anything he drinks. I'd look around the house and toss out things that have it.