Sunday, 28 February 2016

When to take cocktail? And folic acid?

Hi all
Hope you could shed some light to me, my dad's just about to start his 1st cycle of high dose chemo we have him on a cocktail but when is the best time to take the cocktail ? Cause when taking temodar it says he need to fast for 4hours before and have to wait half hour after taking it so do I give dad the cocktail half hour after tmz or before or when?
Also I'd like to ask people's views on folic acid as I've read that it can help with the mgmt
Thanks all

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  1. I take my cocktail drugs at various times depending on the recommended usages of each individual drug/supplement. Per my NO, the best time to take Temador is before bed, so I take my last pill along with anti-nausea drug 1 hour before I plan on going to bed. Then before bed, I take my temador pills.

    This has worked well for me.