Monday, 8 February 2016

Drug/supplements organizer

Here is how I organize my husband's meds and supplements. Double container I use for prescriptions meds and multivitamins and the other two containers I use for AM supplements and PM supplements. There is also another container for TMZ days. For bed time meds we just have PSK and melatonin bottle at his nightstand. At this time we don't have lunch time meds as its harder for him to remember to take it so we just keep it simple.  I use a big plastic container to keep all supplements in one place and that way its easy to just pull out the container from the kitchen cabinets with everything inside instead of taking individual bottles (I need to find a bigger one now).  


  1. Thanks for sharing this Daninha,
    This is great to see. I ordered some pill organisers just like those for my Dad.

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