Thursday, 4 February 2016

Wife's Cocktail

Hello, everyone.
My 36 YO wife was diagnosed with a GBM on 11/12/2015, just four days after giving birth to our first child, debulked of 60-80% on 12/15/2015 and had the Gold Standard from 1/5/2016-1/25/2016. We have been on a ketogenic diet since 1/8/2016. She is MGMT methylated

This is what my wife was/is taking so I wanted to know everyone's thoughts if they had any:

During Radiation/Chemo
  • Zofran - 4mg/3X/day
  • Dexa - 4mg/2X/day
  • Temodar - 110mg/1X/day
  • Valcyte - 450mg/4X/daily
  • Keppra - 1000mg/2X day
  • Celebrex - 200mg/1X/day
  • Depakote - 250mg/3X/day
  • Nexium - 20mg/2X/day
  • Cannibis - 10-50mg/day as needed
  • Mushroom extract (Matake) - 600mg/day
  • Fish Oil - 1100 mg of EPA plus 120 mg of DHA (2X/day) (2 capsules)
  • Super Bio Curcumin/Turmeric - 400mg/2X/day
  • Multivitamin

After 1/25/2016 to today
  • Dexa - 4mg/morning - 2mg/night
  • Valcyte - 450mg/2X/daily
  • Keppra - 1000mg/2X day
  • Celebrex - 200mg/1X/day (finishing 1/19/2016)
  • Depakote - 250mg/3X/day
  • Nexium - 20mg/2X/day  (finishing 1/19/2016)
  • Cannibis - 100-250mg/day as needed
  • Mushroom extract (Matake) - 750mg/day
  • Fish Oil - 2200 mg of EPA plus 240 mg of DHA (2X/day) (4 capsules)
  • Super Bio Curcumin/Turmeric - 400mg/3X/day
  • Brocolli sprout extract - 1000mg/2X/day (concerned about antioxidating effects)
  • Green Tea - 1-2 cup/day
  • ECGC - 400mg/1X/day (concerned about antioxidating effects)
  • Pomegrante Extract  - 500mg/1X/Day (concerned about antioxidating effects)
  • Vitamin D - 2000 IU/1X/day- potentially more (1 capsule)
  • Multivitamin
She is getting pill fatigue so I'm wondering what I can do to reduce/add pills for the most impact:
  1. Should we increase the antioxidants (ECGC, Pomegranate, VitaminD, and Broccoli Sprout Extract)?
  2. We have DCA - is there a risk if we do that in addition to the ketogenic diet?
  3. We anticipate having access to chloroquine in 20 days, is it too late to add that?
  4. As a followup to the last question, the reason why we didn't add the chloroquine is that it's contra-indicated for Celebrex, which we felt was more important.
  5. What is considered a "low-dose" of Celebrex?
  6. Any other suggestions?


  1. Hi Logan,

    Regarding the supposed contra-indication between chloroquine and celebrex, please see the prior post and discussion from this blog. My views on this have not changed since then.

    Research done at the University of Florida has shown the combination of curcumin, EGCG, and sulphoraphane (from broccoli sprouts) could work synergistically.

    As a repurposed cancer treatment, I would call 200 mg of celebrex a low dose and 200 mg twice daily a medium dose.

    1. Stephen, thanks for the response and detailed information (as always!)

  2. Less evidence supports the anti-oxidants, of your combination the anti-inflammatories (Curcumin etc.,) and CBD/THC have the best supportive evidence. The anit-oxidants could interfere with Temodar. Be careful of side-effects related to DCA, neropathy

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