Monday, 8 February 2016

Pill organization

Can't figure out how to reply.  Here's my system.  I fix up 5 days worth or so at a time.  It's easy to throw the quantities in several cups in a row, and see what I'm low on:


  1. That's nice and easy too but for me with two children in the house, one of them would end up spilling some medicine cups here and there, or perhaps my husband would be the one to spill them :-)

  2. Helpful to see other peoples methods. To be honest I am not sure how Dad has done this with one dixie cup for so long. I guess it has been on our list of things to sort out for a while...
    Thanks for sharing, Annie.

  3. Our system is not fail proof either. My mom can't seem to figure out my spreadsheet so I'm pretty much a one man team for setting things up. I used to do one day at a time but setting up 5 or so has been nice because the effort is minimal to toss pills in the extra cups, and it gives me less stress about making sure I get over there every day. Which I do, but nice to know it's OK if not. When Dad was on Temodar I had extra cups for the chemo. Now we just use Avastin. I also write down every day in a Day Planner how much DCA and pot he takes and the time taken, BMs, when his PICC is flushed, etc. It's amazing how quickly I forget if I've done something already.

  4. Annie, I do exactly the same! The only difference is that I have three rows of four little cups. I take my supplements 3 times a day, and they last me for 4 days. They are all individually closed with a lid, and inside a box, far away from my child! :)

  5. I use 7 "large" M- S pill boxes. Where it says M-S (7 sections), I tape over either "Early Morn, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bed", etc. on each section respectively and fill each section accordingly. That way, they are shut & not open. Also makes it easier to travel without bringing whole sack of pills.

    1. I also use the large Monday through Sunday containers and tape over with dosage times in one day. That way I can fit in all his meds ands supplements.