Thursday, 25 February 2016

Promising trial info

this may have been posted already - does anyone have any further information or been involved with the trial?


  1. Just to clarify, this article mentions a mouse study but I didn't see any mention of a clinical trial in humans.

  2. I saw this last night and came to same conclusion as u Stephen; it's still only in mouse. think said next was to use human stem cells but don't quote me as read so many they tend to get boggled in my head and I didn't re read the article from last night. Hence, the "could," in the title of the article. Would b nice if made it to human trials but read so many and then never hear anything about them again. :-( I file it w the rest and wait.

  3. City of Hope has studies using a similar approach, they take brain stem cells carrying a gene that converts a benign drug into a chemotherapeutic. The mouse models were interesting but they have not reported much activity in humans. There is a pull-down toward the bottom this page explaining the therapy:

    They also have an interesting T-cell trial.