Thursday, 18 February 2016

Unused Supplements

Sadly, my husband's 20 month battle with GBM came to an end in November last year.

I have many supplements - all unopened - to give away to those of you in need.  All I ask is that you cover the cost of postage from Brisbane, Australia to you.

See the list below or (if it is not clear), email me: and I will send you the list.

Kind regards,

Qty Capsules Supplement Brand Exp Link
3 90 Artemisinin NutriCology Sep-17 link

2 30 Artemix Wellcare Pharma Jan- 17 link
1 90 Astaxanthin Green Nutritionals Mar-17 link
4 30 Atorvastatin 80mg Various Oct-17
1 400g Basic-Detox Panaceo Gesundheit Feb-20 link
11 100 Beta-Carotene Nature's Bounty Feb- 19     link
1 120 Borage Jarrow Formulas Oct-16 link
10 120 Boswellia Pure Encapsulations Feb-18 link
1 100 Boswellia Source Naturals Feb-19  link
1 150g Broccoli Sprout Powder Super Sprout Jun-17 link
1 250 Butyrex TE Neesby Apr-17 link
4 414g Cellular Forte Integrative Therapies Apr-17 link
3 60 Chaga Planetary Herbals Apr-19 link
1 113g Chlorella Tablets Sunfood Jun-16 link
3 237ml ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops Trace Minerals Oct-19 link
5 60 Curcumin   Protocol Mar-18 link
3 120 Curcumin C3 Complex with Bioperine Doctor's Best Feb- 18      link
3 60 Dong Quai Plus Genesta Oct-16 link
1 60 E-Gems Carlson Dec-17 link
3 100 Enhanced Super Digestive Life Extension May-17 link
1 100 Eyebright and Golden Seal Natures Sunshine Mar-17 link
5 120 Fish Oil 700 Vital Nutrients Dec-17 link
4 10 Freestyle Optium B-Ketone test strips Abbott n/a link
1 120 Garlic Nature's Bounty Jan-18 link
1 120 Genistein Soy Complex Source Naturals Dec-18 link
2 120 Green Tea Extract Source Naturals Dec-18 link
2 305g KetoCaNa KetoSports link
4 60 Lactoferrin Symbiotics Aug-16 link
1 60 L-Tryptophan Source Naturals Dec-18 link
1 60 Lycopene 21 Century Oct-17 link
9 60ml Maitake D Fraction Mushroom Wisdom Sep-17 link
2 60 Melatonin 5mg NutriDoc link
11 60 Melatonin 5mg PhysioLogics Feb-18 link
1 90 Metformin 1000mg Amneal Phamra Jun-17
1 100 Metformin 500mg Sandoz Feb-18
1 60 Milk Thistle Thompson's Oct-17 link
12 60 Phyto ADR Pure Encapsulations Oct-16 link
2 240 Plant Enzymes Now Mar-19 link
4 90 Pomegranate NeoCell Jan-18 link
1 90 Probiotic Defense Now May-17 link
1 100 Propolis 1500 Now Aug-17 link
12 60 PS-7 Mushroom Extract Myco Nutri Jun-18 link
6 90 PSK Trammune Defend Health Naturally Nov-18 link
1 60 Reishi Extract Life Extension Dec-16 link
1 30 Resveratrol Age Defence Ethical Nutrients Jun-16 link
1 50 Revital 8 (Resveratol and Green Tea) Fusion Health Mar-17 link
2 75 Selenium Cruciferate Ecological Formulas Mar-17 link
4 60 Shark Liver Oil Amino Acid & Botanical Supply Jul-17 link
1 100 Sodium Selenite Twinlab Feb-20  link
37 5 20mg Temodal Merck Jul-17
3 5 100mg Temodal Meck Jul-17
1 100 Thiamine Hydrochloride Betamin Sanofi Apr-18   link
2 20ml Thuja D6 A. Vogel Feb-20   link
1 75 Thymus NutriCology Feb-18   link
1 60 Vitamin B3 Nature's Own Apr-17   link
1 250 Vitamin E Source Naturals Oct-18 link
1 60 Wild Oregano Oil Solgar Apr-18 link


  1. Dear Tracey,

    I'm very sorry for your loss. Its sad to hear that someone has lost their battle. I pray that God gives you the strength you need to keep going. I'm in this fight with my husband and feel anxious just to think about someone losing their battle. I hope you can find someone near you that can use these supplements, thats a very nice gesture! I wish I could get some but I'm not sure it would make it through custom. Stay strong, God bless you!

  2. Dear Tracey, I am sorry your husband passed away. My Dad passed away just 4 months after being diagnosed with GBM, but I have a sense of peace in that he no longer suffers, particularly the psychological torment. All my love, Matthew.

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  4. Hi Tracey, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sorry to contact you about this but my mother in law was recently diagnosed with GBM and we live in Mackay. We are hoping to find her an oncology team to support a cocktail approach and help her attempt to fight this cancer.

    It would mean so much to me if you were comfortable to email some information on your oncology team.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Dear Tracy, It was so very sad to hear of the loss of your husbands battle. I have been researching so many natural cures for my darling Son who is battling GBM Brain Cancer, at the moment he is in a Palliative Care hospital, he can't walk at all and really struggles to put a couple of words together, so as you can imagine it's heart breaking to see my son in this state. There are a lot of natural supplements on your list that I wanted to purchase but didn't have the funds to buy as I am on a disability pension and I would love the chance to get my son better. I live in Victoria AU so would be very happy to pay the cost of postage if your offer is still available. If so the items may be easier to post in an Australia Post pre-paid satchel. Please let me know asap if you can help me, if your offer has already been decided for someone else, that's fine, I just need to know if I should try to get a loan from Centrelink so I can buy some supplements. Thank you for your kindness, Noelle