Saturday, 27 February 2016

Update on Ozone & IV Curcumin

Hello Dear Friends,
I want to let you all know we are experiencing day-by-day improvements in my mom's health. She has GBM IV and was sent home with 3-4 months. She is increasing her physical activity, walking, no falls or seizures or headaches. Language abilities are coming back and her ability to express herself. It is like watching a time machine go backwards- amazing! We have not yet gone for an MRI scan as I want to wait a while more to see if it is stable improvement.

Still, I want to let you all know she is primarily doing IV Curcumin (400mg in 500ml saline) every 3 days alternating with IV Ozone therapy (80cc of 27gamma 2x/day) on the 2 days in between. We are doing both at home using a PICC line. These are the main 2 therapies and have seen significant changes.
Other cocktail remedies include:
Aunt Zelda's THC & CBD
Boswellia supplements, tincture & essential oil
Bach Flower remedies
Helixor Misteltoe & Helleborus Niger
Gotu Kola

P.s. If you are thinking about using ozone via PICC, try to get silicone special ordered for you- claim an allergy to polyurethane if needed- because silicone is resistant to breaking down with ozone. In our case we didn't know that was possible and are weighing risks and potential benefits.... As we all do under such circumstances.

Anyone who wants more details is welcome to contact me: kusumacreates (at) gmail
Love to you and yours,

The prescribing doctor's office has a paper on IV Curcumin, Click Here 
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Ozone Injection via PICC



  1. That is fantastic news Kusuma! So glad to hear it and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello thanks for sharing
    May I ask how are you doing this at home ?
    Many thanks

  3. That is wonderful news! I also would love to know how you were able to get "IV Curcumin (400mg in 500ml saline) every 3 days alternating with IV Ozone therapy (80cc of 27gamma 2x/day) on the 2 days in between. We are doing both at home using a PICC line."

  4. Kasuma,
    So glad to here that your Mom is improving!
    Please do share more information on how you are doing the IV's at home... how they were prescribed etc.
    Are you in the USA?
    Sure hope your Mom continues to do well.

  5. We do both via PICC line.

    Promolife medical ozone supplies:
    Oxygen tank- get 99% oxygen from welding supply, or medical prescription
    Video on the setup:
    My notes:

    We can skype, but for now, Direct Ozone Videos on youtube, for example:

    My ozone doctor here doesn't recommend more than 110cc per dose of direct ozone.
    If you use a plastic PICC (Silicone is recommended) you must be careful to stop treatment before the line breaks down as it can be dangerous. The nurse at Gordon Medical (CA) had one patient on 180cc daily for 6 weeks and the line had holes in it when they removed it. This is just a ballpark idea of what to stay under.

    The doctor who prescribed it is: Dr. Leanna Standish, Professor at Bastyr University and ND at Anderson Medical Associates with whom we have been phone-consulting since October. She gave the original prescription and the local doctor (CA) who supplies and monitors us locally is Dr. Moses Goldberg ND (

    Supplier is "Park Compounding" in Irvine CA, (It is expensive. They sell direct to the public but is more $ than through a doctor)

    Titrate up to 40mg/kg, starting at 10, 20 and 30 in Normal saline. My mom's final dose is 400mg (she weighs 100kg)in 500ml saline every 3 days.

    It comes in small glass bottles like insulin bottles and must be refrigerated. Using a plastic syringe and needle all you have to do is extract the liquid from the bottle and inject it into the saline bag. The IV is gravity fed (a hook on the ceiling works) and drips for 2-3 hours. Once mixed it must be used immediately.

    1. Kusuma Rose, how is your mom's health?
      Are you still injecting with ozone and curcumin?
      How do you think now, was the benefit of this?
      My mom also has this terrible diagnosis and I'm looking for any opportunities to help.

    2. Kusuma's mom passed away about a year and a half ago.