Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Drug reaction / seizure ??

Hi guys my mom is a newbie to CUSP9 - too forever for a doc to prescribe anthing 

Ps. dR. Fox website for choloroquine (sp?) is a nightmare 

Last night.."........

First, she felt dizzy, stared off with her " brain spinning" this kept off and on for a few minutes 

Then the horror started. it seemed as if she was not there.  So we called 911. She was conscious but was not responding to any paramedic requests such as the ability to squeeze their hand. We asked  her 3x to smile and she didn't respond. She just lay there with her eyes open. At the hospital, she had progressive short term memory loss. For the first hour, she kept asking where she was and why she was there. Shortly recalling bits of information and eventually the medication she took before hand.
This was all between 9pm -2am 
Today she is tired and sleeping but comprehending. Says it's nothing compared to other seizures she's had before and doesn't believe it's a seizure

At 3pm she took 5 pills of CUSP
Then temador 
Then RSO

Went for a long walk ( 2 -3km ?). Felt good. Acted normal 

At 7 -730 gave her 1000mg keppra
830 gave extract 2 capsules of broccoli/ sprouts/turmeric
9pm the nightmare started ......

cT scan ( couldn't find a vain for contrast ) said tumor has no changes ( jan 11th 1.9cm tumor still waiting for MRI date
No bleeding, no stroke
1Celebrex/Celecoxib/200mg -started January 26/2016
2Ridaura/Auranofin 3mg-started January 26/2016
3Emend/Aprepitant 80mg- starter January 28/2016
4 Antabuse/Disulfiram 250 mg-started January 27/2016
5 minocycline- 50 mg started February 04
7 Temodar - 75mg - 1 / day

She is also takes

Prozac / fluoxetine HLC 20 mg
Keppra - 500 mg - 2 X day
Metformin - 250 mg  -1 X day
Melatonin. - 20 mg - 1 X day ( stopped)
DCA - 500 mg - 2 X day- two weeks on, one week off

2- Aspirin - 81 g - 2 X day
3- Maitaki fraction 4X - 3  X 8 drops / day. 
4 Ashwagandha ( Withania    Somnifera)- 500 mg 1capsule / day
5 Boswellia Extract - 65% Boswellic Acids- 3 X 2 capsules 
6 HonoPure/ by ecoNugenics  3 X1 / day
7 Coriolus  Super Strenht ( Coriolus versicolor mushroom 600 mg - 3 X1 per day.
8 Ruta Graveolens 6 ch - 3-4 pills - two to three times a day under tongue 
9Dr Reckeweg S2 ( cal area phosphorica 3X - 2 pills X 2 day 

Do you have a different time suggestion to give it to her ?  

Do you believe it's a drug reaction ?


  1. It's possible this was a drug reaction, but hard to know for sure. In the actual CUSP9 protocol, patients are in the hospital during the period of drug induction and carefully monitored for adverse reactions.

    Did she start something new or change any of the doses prior to this episode?

  2. Is she taking anything to counter the DCA side effects?

  3. Loss of awareness makes this sound like a complex partial seizure to me

  4. Just a quick note that I found this after my wife had a seizure as well; it's not very well reported but I'm hoping this is what happened to both of us.

    Did your mom have any tea or coffee while taking the DCA?


  5. Sorry for the late reply.
    She did her last dose of DCA the week prior

    She drinks green tea with her dca and a few cups during the day.
    Stephen. The only thing that was new was THC/CBD oil that is apperently "organic"
    After a few days break she took the same oil and started to panic, faint.. So we quit giving it to her and are looking into getting custom made oil