Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Other Cocktail Trials?

Anyone aware of trials in the works? Also, anyone hear how cusp9 is going? I do a search every week or so but can't really find any leaks.
Grace and peace my friends,


  1. As far as I know the CUSP9 trial hasn't started yet. I believe they are still waiting for approval. Several patients have been treated on compassionate use.

    There is another trial being planned, an offshoot of the Surviving Terminal Cancer project ( http://www.survivingterminalcancer.com/ )
    for newly diagnosed GBM. I am involved in the planning of this, so I know that this trial will not be starting anytime soon. Soon there will be webpage for people to track the progress of both of these planned trials.

  2. I wonder how we might gather some anecdotal narratives of those following the cocktail approach to see if anyone is having noticeable success?

  3. Stephen, my husband has just had his first progression since standard treatment following his diagnosis in June of 2013. He has done very well and is now on a clinical trial combining 5/28 day TMZ plus BBi608. I am researching where we go next and am very interested in the CUSP9 cocktail. We live in Canada. You mentioned compassionate use....how does one access via compassionate use and in what countries?