Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Drugs/Supplements Organization

Once a week I put together Greg's vitamins/supplements, pharma both off-label and his psychotropic meds. I work off a 4-page sheet. I also have a separate sheet for his cannabis spray which he takes 5x a day. I try to break out what should be taken with meals and those that can be taken during the course of the day. It is not a perfect system. I know he is not getting the full impact on some of these supplements since some require eating with protein or fat, etc. That's just too much for us to manage right now. My main goal is eating him to eat since I think chemo has really done a number on his taste buds.  I use two 7-day systems and two 7-day, am/pm systems. The meds in the fish dish are steroids (4mg), Provigil (100mg 3x a day) and sodium (1000mg 3x a day). All were purchased on Amazon. I had to graduate to a much larger 7-day system when his daily vitamin/supplements continued to grow. For his chemo meds, that's handled separately.


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