Sunday, 2 August 2015

Budwig Diet

Hi all,

Thanks Stephen for the invitation to this blog. I was not aware of this massive 'brain tumour cocktail' thread with all of this useful information on CancerCompass prior to this!

I wanted to ask about people's experiences and the efficacy of the 'Budwig' diet for fighting brain tumours/cancer.

Budwig suggests a number of dietary and lifestyle changes, but the core of the recommendations is the following:
- Mix of flaxseed oils and cottage cheese/quark with a stick blender
- additional freshly grinded flax seeds

The theory (as far as my understanding) is that the Omega 3 linoleic acid in flaxseed oil becomes water-soluble after emulsifying with the sulphur in the cottage cheese/quark, and assists in carrying oxygen through the body, counteracting the hypoxic state that a persons' body is in generally when they have a cancer or tumour.

My wife has an early stage grade III anaplastic glioma and have been trying this diet for a short period of time now. We recently had radiotherapy as well so it is hard to determine whether this diet has had an impact, but at the very least it is not expensive, easy to make and fairly tasty.

Nevertheless, keen to hear thoughts from others, and whether the diet has strong scientific grounding and worth a go.



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