Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Dear all,

after several very positive cases of GMB treated with methadone hydrochloride in Germany, even our NOs began to believe in this stuff. It was not easy to get it, but today my husband took his first 5 drops. :)
The idea is to take methadon with metronomic Temodal... 
Other than that, he has a fast deterioration right now... Hope this stops somehow. 



  1. Hi!

    May I ask what are the studies about methadone that you showed to your NO?

    I hope your husband get better really quick, Katja!

  2. Hi Matias,
    there were no clinical studies so far. The idea to use methadone was based on the observations of a German palliative doctor. He noticed that in some metastatic cancer patients who was given methadone for pain management, unusual tumor responses occurred.
    Patients founded a Facebook group to support each other in taking methadone.
    In our clinic, 2 or 3 rGBM patients have taken metronomic Temodal plus methadone resulting in tumor responses and remissions. The patients were prescribed methadone by their GPs or other doctors. However, our NOs ar getting very interested....
    There is a paper in animals :

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  4. Thank you for your explanation, Katja! It seems very interesting indeed! I now saw in the article that it is related to opioid receptors, like low-dose naltrexone, which I´m currently taking, and might be interesting for you to check out.

    All the best!

  5. Hi katja all the luck :)
    do u think this methafone can be taken during radiation??

  6. My husband also got 1%Methadon drops from his German oncologist. He told us it helps to break blood brain barrier.