Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Nicola Goodwin AA3 - my cocktail

Nicola Goodwin - my cocktail.

Anaplastic Astrocytoma diagnosed following large biopsy Feb 2014 followed by 6 weeks radio with temodar then 6 months of temodar. Enhancing part of tumour removed, some low grade remains, I'm in the UK and prescription meds are not easy to obtain, my only medication is 500g Keppra taken twice a day.

My cocktail;

Morning before food;
1000mg longvida curcumin
1200mg reishi mushroom
2000mg Omega 3 Fish Oil
1000mg resveratol
275mg EGCG
75mg Aspirin
250mg Sensoril (Ashwagandha)

Morning after food;
500mg Berberine
50mg Pterostilbene
50mg Zinc
10,000iu Vit D3

Evening before food;

Evening after food;
500mg Berberine
50mg Pterostilbene
 20mg melatonin before bed, unbelievably this is illegal in UK

Last 3 scans have been stable, any ideas or thoughts on my cocktail greatly appreciated 😊

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  1. Hello Nicola, I hope you are doing well. My sister might be facing the same diagnosis, we are still waiting for her pathology report to come out. Would you recommend the aforementioned cocktail to her if she has AA3? With thanks, Rima.