Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Drugs & supplements effects - NEW IDEA

Hi!  I was thinking that we all could make an XLS file, stating all supplements and drugs we use, and their function regarding GBM.  To get this started, I´m uploading something I´ve done already.  It´s very rudimentary, but it´ll help to get us going. 

Drugs and Supplements (XLS format)

When it says "R:" it means that´s something that Richard Gerber stated.  When it says "S:" they are our dear Stephen´s words :)  The rest is information I gathered around, so it´s not guaranteed to be correct!

Ideally, it´d be great if we could upload this where it could be edited by any of us.  I don´t know if Google Drive does it, any ideas?




  1. Let me hear you, guys and girls!

  2. I think this is a great idea Matias, and it would be great to have a column to list side-effects that people experience from each drug. I think it would make sense to start a new spreadsheet within the Brain Tumor Library on Google Drive. This could be the spot for all documents shared by the group, and this folder has already been shared with many people here on the blog. Check in the Brain Tumor Library, I copied and pasted your document into a new spreadsheet there, and added a new column for side-effects. I think to keep track of who is adding comments to this sheet, people should leave their initials after the comment.

  3. Nice idea about side effects!

    We´ll have to tidy it up, because I just copied and pasted a lot of things. Maybe we can make a item list for each supplement, with dots, in every cell?

  4. Where is the Brain Tumor Library?

    1. The Brain Tumor Library is a folder stored on my Google Drive account. I can share it with you if you email me. My email address is on the User Information page (find at the top of the blog).