Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ruta 6 - Banerji Protocol


Has anyone tried this protocol, or heard about its results?  

At first sight, my impression is that the homeopathic approach is probably not very effective.




  1. I suscribed to their mailing list and got this:

    "Hate to say but there is not enough proof that ruta 6 helps for anyone to use it instead of the standard treatment. I doubt if it could hurt."
    Al Musella, DPM
    Musella Foundation

    On 8/1/2015 12:49 PM, Manish Khandelwal [Ruta-6] wrote:
    "These are false claims . Ruta 6 couldn't save my daughter . She expired after 5 months only of taking this medicine without any miss and with all the precautions told by the dr. Banerji. Hope it will do some help for others reading my message. I didn't opted for chemo and radiation as the advised by them. God knows it may have saved her or helped her live longer."

    That doesn´t look very good, especially coming from Al Musella (if it really is from him)

  2. I use it just in case :) It is cheap and won't do any harm. I doubt it crosses BBB though.

  3. I use it too. I would never think of doing it alone though.

  4. Where do you guys get it? Do you think they´d ship it to Brazil? I´d use it as a "just in case" thing too, Amber and of course, never by itself, Seth! :)

    1. I got some of it from Amazon, some from

    2. Thank you for your answer, Amber! I couldn´t find it on Amazon... could you give me a link? I´ll check out the other url!

    3. I just checked the page you gave me and there are a lot of different of Ruta 6 varieties! Which one are we suppose to be taking?

  5. Mr Khandelwal,
    Sorry to hear about your daughter. What was she diagonised with?