Saturday, 1 August 2015

Where to get drugs/supplements.

I am wondering if there is any way of getting temodar without prescription? I am also suggesting maybe we should make one post with links for all the pharmacies where to buy drugs/supplements.


  1. Great idea Anna,

    Maybe I'll create a new page along the top for this. For pharmacies in the US, I like the website, which is searchable by drug, capsule/tablet size, cheapest sources, generic vs name brand, city etc.

    But for drugs that are getting hard to find (like chloroquine) we should list the available pharmacies. Also on this page could be recommended supplement brands.

    We could use comments on your post for submissions (favorite supplement brands, sources for hard-to-find drugs), then I could add the data to the page.

  2. For chloroquine I used the site bellow without prescription arrived on time and we are taking it.

    1. They also have sildenafil without prescription.

    2. They don't deliver to the US, unfortunately. EU only.

  3. For dca I used

  4. For CBD I used this site arrived quickly

  5. Hi - Father has stage 4 GBM. I haven't been able to get Accutane. Trying family Dr again tomorrow. Does anyone order online or from Mexico? I'm in the US. I Pledge seems to make this nearly impossible to get quickly. Considering a trip to Mexico but would rather not if someone has a reputable source.