Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Stuff

Just found an interesting article about Duke doing some molecular tinkering that apparently doubles the efficiency of paclitaxel in other cancers.  Its interesting to see how they take advantage of the tumor's acidic environment to deliver the drug.



  1. Anyone know about Nicin?

  2. Thanks for asking Anna. I am still fighting the beast. I had a bad turn with the Temodar/Macitentan therapy. Found out while I was trying to get into a Novocure clinical trial. Came back to have my first resection Nov. 12. They didn't get all of it, but most of it. We tried CCNU for 6 weeks and it progressed. Was able to finally get on the Novocure TTF Dec 30. I am happy about that. Kaiser is pissed because they know they will ultimately have to pay for it. I am now looking for a clinical trial that suits me. Fortunately I have stayed off Aviston so most of the trials are open to me. Hopefully the Novocure will buy me some time and maybe even start working soon. I've had to go off Disulfiram because my toes went numb. Other than that, not really symptomatic that I can tell.