Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Matias - Good MRI!

Hi everyone!

Just posting this to let you all know that the last MRI, which I did last week, was good!  Perfusion test was perfect, and the MRI is better all around, FLAIR weaker, almost all pure black and no suspicious areas, besides one pesky spot, around 1,5cm, which presents a choline peak on the spectroscopy.

On the first MRI post surgery, there were two spots next to each other.  One vanished over time, and this one just faded a little bit on the MRI, but still shows on the spectroscopy.  In conclusion, that sucker has been there all the time, but never progressed, just faded a bit, going to a grayer color.

Does a choline peak necessarily indicate residual tumoral cells?  For what´ve read that´s the rule, and my neuro didn´t want to give me exact numbers on the possibility.  Do you guys think there still hope that it could be my damaged, but hopefully healthy, healing brain?


  1. Let me hear your comments!

  2. I don't have an answer, but I was surely happy with your MRI results! As Cheryl Broyles likes to say, KOKO!! (keep on, keeping on)

  3. Great news Matias! So happy for you!
    I don't have an answer either but I have a few white spots on my MRIs as well. Radiologist thinks it is multiple sclerosis, my NO thinks these are spots that people with migranes tend to have. They don't seem to grow though and he thinks they have been there for a long time, so who knows.

  4. Thank you for your insight, Amber!

  5. Hello Matthias, I read somewhere that you live in Brazil. Also'm from Brazil and I appreciate if you can help me.
    My e-mails are raphaelgabrieli@gmail.com and raphaelgabrieli@hotmail.com