Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Immunotherapy and chemo combo?/Immunotherapy options.

Anybody knows if combining immunotherapy and chemo is a good idea? Would chemo make immunotherapy less effective? Is it better to do chemo first and immunotherapy after that or would doing both at the same time be ok?

So it seems that for DCVax the surgery would have to be done in one UK hospital ,but for other vaccines it can be done at any hospital and would pick up the tissue.
They gave me few links for clinics which make vaccines from such frozen tumor tissue and offer other immunotherapy options. I am wondering how those compare.


  1. Anna,
    I contacted the Meridian clinic in NY. Here's their reply:
    It may be more
    opportune to do this after you have completed a minimum of six months
    of Temodar being that it will difficult logistically to be on
    chemotherapy depressing your cell counts meanwhile attempting to
    harvest white cells to produce a vaccine and vaccinating you with
    cells which may be subject to the cytotoxic effects of the chemo if
    not carefully timed.

    1. Thanks Amber. That is very helpful.

  2. Hi Anna,
    Recent findings report that chemotherapy and immunotherapy are synergistic. Timing of both therapies is critical.