Drug and Supplement sources

Below is a list of sources used by one or more members of this blog to purchase supplements or hard-to-find drugs.

Tip: For those in the United States, the website goodrx.com allows you to search by drug name and your city or zip code, to find the pharmacy with the best prices for that drug.  You can also print out free coupons from this website to get the cheapest prices on drugs.

Artemisinin, artesunate, artemether


Boswellia serrata

Wokvel (manufactured by Verdure Sciences), available from Progena brand.

Cannabis (Medical)

Aunt Zelda's (California)

Appolyon (Netherlands)

Chloroquine phosphate

Dr. Fox Online Doctor and Pharmacy (UK), regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England. "We regret we are unable to deliver outside of the EU (including Norway and Finland)."

Northwest Pharmacy (Canada).  One caregiver reports that chloroquine purchased through this website was manufactured in India, with the label Nivaquine-P, 250mg tabs (chloroquine phosphate)


Longvida Optimized Curcumin (Verdure Sciences).  Available from NuTriVene and in Canada from AOR (CurcuVIVA, CurcuMIND with vitamin D, Curcumin Active).

One capsule AOR CurcuVIVA product contains: 348 mg Turmeric extract (containing 80 mg Longvida Optimized Curcumin).  View label here.

Optim Curcuma. European source for Longvida.

Though not explicity stated, I believe the labels of the AOR products state the curcumin content of the Longvida product, whereas the NuTriVene label states the total Longvida content. Approximately 25% of the Longvida formula is curcumin.

Dichloroacetate (DCA)

Pharma-dca (produced in the UK)

Honokiol and Magnolol

Liftmode Magnolia bark extract

HonoPure by ecoNugenics

Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK) or PSP derived from Coriolus versicolor ("Turkey tail")

Mushroom Science  (This is the same company as JHS Natural Products)

Oriveda PSP extract


  1. For some drugs which I ordered in UK when I was trying to pay for it they did not accept US credit card so what I did I changed my billing address for one of my credit cards to Europe and then had it shipped to Europe. So for people in US you would need to have a friend in EU to ship it to and they would have to mail it back to you I guess. ( If forgot which drug that was at this point)

    1. Also I think mailing some prescription drugs might not be legal, I am not sure.

  2. Here is some other cbd source. I did not use thisone yet. http://www.zamnesia.com/cbd-oil/2802-organic-10-ml.html

  3. I see in people's profiles that Metformin is non-prescription. Where can this be ordered without an RX? Thanks, Danny

  4. Anybody knows where to buy copper gluconate? I am seeing copper chelate everywhere but can't find copper gluconate.

  5. You can purchase copper gluconate as a powder or as capsules, for example:


  6. I got lost with the maitake d fraction issue. I bought it from amazon. Is the product below ok or is everybody getting something else? If you are getting the product below then how are you dosing it? Is it 6 tablets per day?