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July 25, 2015

This blog is intended to be a community project. If you would like to be able to start a new post here, I need to add you to the author list (I need your email address to do this).  Commenting on someone else's post does not require you to be an author, but you will still need to register as a user.

A word verification system is active, in order to prevent comment spam.  Authors do not need to fill out this word verification to leave a comment.  So even if you don't plan on starting a post, but would like to leave comments, it's easier to do if you're on the author list.

When you sign up, your username might be automatically filled out as the name attached to your email address.  You should be able to edit this to a new username.


To receive a once daily email notification if a new post has been published that day, submit your email address into the Follow by Email box at the right of the blog, just under Recent Comments, and above Labels.

To receive email notifications for new comments to a post, select the "notify me" box below the comments area for each post that you want to be notified about.

If using a Google account, the email notifications will get automatically placed in the "Social" folder, rather than in your inbox.  When in Gmail, scroll down the menu on the left to find the Social folder.

Google account (Gmail):

Apparently you need a Google account (Gmail) in order to sign in and accept the invitation to the author list.  It will be handy to have a Google account as this will give you access to Google Drive and facilitate use of the Brain Tumor Library (which is housed on Google Drive).


Note that the author of a post may go back and edit their post at any time.  The pencil icon at the bottom of the post means "edit post".  Or you may be able to access your posts from your dashboard for this blog by selecting the "Post" tab from the column on the left.

Searching the blog:

In the top left-hand corner of your screen when looking at the blog, you should see a text box with a magnifying glass.  This allows you to search the blog by keyword, but note that this tool only searches original posts, and not the follow-up comments.

Therefore I'm maintaining an up-to-date list of labels for each post including topics discussed in the comments.  In this way, the label system will be the most useful tool to search the entire blog including the comments.  The list of labels is found in the right side-panel underneath the Recent Comments.

For requests to be added to the blog author list, or for access to the Brain Tumor Library, I can be reached at the email address below.  I unfortunately cannot help create individualized drug and supplement regimens for patients, as I do not attempt to make a living as a cancer consultant.

I'm looking forward to continuing our discussion on this new forum.  Best wishes everyone!


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