Friday, 30 October 2020

Expanded Access Protocol for PVS-RIPO (modified poliovirus) treatment for GBM

 This just posted on on Oct 23:

EAP for the Treatment of Glioblastoma With PVSRIPO

scroll down to bottom of the above link for contact info


  1. I've emailed them to inquire if this is only available to patients in the USA or more broadly.

  2. Any reply? Probably no. I'm writing this mainly to get notified of future posts.

    1. No reply yet. Will post here if I get a reply.

  3. I got a reply from Istari Oncology, and apparently patients have travelled down from Canada to receive the treatment in the USA under the expanded access protocol. There is no charge for the treatment itself under the Expanded Access Protocol but I was advised to contact Duke U directly for info regarding payment info for any kind of follow-up medical attention received out of country.